The Immune Defence System Before Catching Cold!

We’ve all been told over the years, “Come in out of the snow! You’re going to catch a cold!” Well, if a cold was a metaphor for frozen fingers or a red nose, Mom would’ve been right.

However, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (link) has found that being chilled, overheated, frozen, or thawed has little or no effect on the development of a cold.

So what is the true method of catching a cold?

Cold viruses, like any other virus, do not magically appear. Viruses are microscopic parasites that are basically DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein shell. They can’t reproduce without a host cell. In the case of the common cold, essentially every time you catch a cold, it has been given to you by another host.

The Good News is that most viruses do not survive outside of the body for long, only up to 6 hours or so. So how is it getting to you? However, the 6 hour or so can make massive damage!

When someone else has a cold, their body starts trying to expel it. This means that they will sneeze, cough, have a runny nose, and other symptoms that are essentially the body’s way of removing unwanted substances.

How the Cold virus like Corona are Spread?

  • When someone near you has a cold and they sneeze, they send tiny particles of moisture, many of which may contain the cold virus, into the air, waiting for you to breathe them in and become infected.
  • It is also just as easy to catch a cold with no people around, depending on where you are. Busy, high-traffic areas like offices, schools, and mass transit stations tend to be rife with germs due to the constant contact of human hands.
  • When a sick person touches their nose or mouth, germs are transferred to their hands. When they touch a surface, the germs then transfer to that, and as mentioned above, they can survive for up to 6 hours. As soon as a healthy person touches the surface, the germs are on their hands and it’s just a matter of rubbing an eye or touching a mouth, and a cold is caught.

It’s important to understand how to catch a cold in order to know what to avoid. By staying away from busy, crowded places when possible, you increase your chances of avoiding a cold. Also, washing hands often or using some kind of hand sanitizer will help greatly. If your hands are clean before touching any susceptible areas, like the mouth, eyes, or nose, the common cold will have much less chance of reaching you.

Cold, Kiss & Sex

Stokpic at Pexels

Personally, I have strong immunity for cold, my wife doesn’t, that’s the problem! Whenever wife has cold she wouldn’t allow me to kiss her, but thankfully opens her leg for mating. She doesn’t give me head fearing that the cold virus from her mouth can transmit to my penis and then enter her vagina and cause other nasty infection women hate!

Immune Defense & a Kiss to Wife!

Recently I ordered an immunity boosting candy type supplement from UK called Immune Defence (not Immune Defense!) These soothing, aniseed flavor lozenges dissolve quickly on the tongue, bathing the back of the throat in Zinc ions.

The stuff gives some instant relief from cough and sore throat and a license kiss my love. You know how desperate it feels when you have been not kissed by your love?

Below is the Pic of Immune Defense

Immune Defence- the immunity support for cold & corona!

This supplement is highly useful even during this global Pandemic called Covid-19 (Chinese Virus according POTUS Mr.Trump)

How much does it cost?

$44.95 for a bottle of 120 tablets. I bought 3 bottles for $115.

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