HGH for Weight Loss and Fitness

Tired of stepping on the weighing balance hoping you have lost a few pounds? It becomes very discouraging to realize you have gained weight instead of losing. Worry no more, human growth hormone is here. Numerous studies support the growth hormone for weight loss.

Growth hormones for weight loss and fitness

Tired of Nonworking Diet Plans, Why Don’t You Consider HGH

Studies have showed that the human growth hormone (HGH) has the ability to reduce fat mass including the visceral fat. These studies were mostly done on low individuals with low levels of growth hormone associated with obesity or patients with growth hormone deficiency due to pituitary gland problems.

One study found that “GH replacement with or without diet and exercise interventions effectively reduces visceral adipose tissue (VAT) and improves lipid abnormalities in GH deficient adults.” This study made the conclusion that growth hormone therapy with or without insulin sensitizers offers a novel way, alongside diet and exercise, in obese individuals keen on reducing their cardiovascular risk

Another study showed a significant loss of visceral obesity combined with an increase in lean mass when participants were given growth hormone at physiological levels. In yet another study, growth hormone reduced fat loss 1.6 times more than placebo.

Some studies failed to link weight loss and human growth hormone. The reason advanced for this was that the studies may have used high doses which led to high levels of insulin.

HGH for Weight Loss, What Are the Expected Side Effects

Everything good is bound to have its share of shortcomings and every human being weighs the benefits against loses before making a decision. The Human growth hormone has been referred to by some as ‘the fountain of youth’ for its ability to delay aging.

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Aging is invertible and comes loaded with problems such as appearance of wrinkles, loss of energy and muscle mass and decreased libido in men. Anything that tame these problems or reverse them must be good news to many. Now let’s flip the coin and look and other side of the ‘fountain of youth’.

It increases water retention in the body. To some this is an advantage since it enables their skin to be tighter and, to some extent, iron out wrinkles. However, at higher doses one may notice that the fingers feel a little swollen.  This is a temporary issue and disappears within two weeks after stopping HGH use or reducing the dosage.

Hypoglycemia; this happens when at the starts or after stopping HGH use. It is also temporary and lasts for about 14 days.  It manifests itself as sudden ‘hunger attack’.

Others include joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. As seen some are reversible and not worth to make you look 50 while you look and feel years younger.

Can Human Growth Hormone Slow Aging Process?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is what gives us our youthfulness, strength and vitality. Without it, we would get old fast. Aging is unavoidable; however, many aren’t willing to simply sit and wait to get old; they are ready to put a fight. Could HGH be just the thing to fight HGH, well, let’s find out?

Our body is always changing from birth until we die. When the body is normally functioning, HGH is naturally produced by the body and contributes to the development of muscle strength and nervous system. As we reach adulthood we reach physical maturity and growing stops.

By age 30 and early 40s the HGH production in the body declines, muscle strength begins to decrease and aging sets in. At 60, HGH in the body is so low that the skin becomes less elastic.

Some health experts claim that synthetic HGH can slow the aging process or even reverse it. Some even claim it can assist in weight loss and reversing the damage caused by congestive heart failure.

Research done on the HGH has proven that it promotes lean muscle growth and assists in reduction of fat in old people. Some studies have even proven that it can restore youthful vigor and health and minimize wrinkles on skin.

Studies Show that HGH Can Improve Physical Fitness

In a study involving human growth hormone it was found out that close to 90 percent of those who had used it reported that they experienced an increase of energy. HGH can kick-start your day which helps one to be alert and ready to seize the day.

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HGH enables to take maximum use of sleep time to rejuvenate which means one can work harder and for longer and more often without feeling too tired or overworked. HGH leads to breakdown of adipose fat which enables the body to obtain more chemical energy.

HGH increases the physical aptitude for work and exercises. It improves metabolism levels which increases supply of energy to muscles. This increases the body’s ability to tolerate more exercise time. The increased work outs improve one’s physical fitness. HGH also increases the rate at which the body heals and repairs injuries.

In modern society stress, from family, children and work, is one thing with have to contend with. Anxiety and stress increase the risk of getting ailments such as cardiovascular disease which obviously means we become physically weak. HGH has the ability to improve our self-esteem and boost our confidence making us freely mingle and enjoying the moment.

HGH Can Enhance Body Shape by Reducing Deep Belly Fats

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Are you overweight, do you have the stubborn belly fat, or you don’t like the way you look?

Well, for the first time you may have a solution that when combined with an exercise program can assist you lose belly fat, look and feel much younger and gain muscle. Imagine the benefits in a single package.

Human growth hormone has been referred to by some by some people as “magic pill for weight loss” and it is for a good reason.

Clinical studies have shown that, unlike many weight loss programs, HGH does not decrease the peripheral fats only. It also reduces the deep fats also known as visceral or central fat.

This is the fat responsible for the belly roll which is very had to get rid of. HGH reduces it by converting it into fuel for the body in a process known as lipolysis. [ref]

Insulin promotes creation of fat cells. HGH inhibits the action of insulin and assist in destruction of fat cells. Without HGH to inhibit insulin action the fat cells are free to store fat.

Some weight loss methods works against your body’s wellbeing. When on diet plan, you are likely to regain back the weight once you stop following your diet plan. This is so because you haven’t changed the coded instruction that instructs the body to store fat. The growth hormone changes the instruction, tells the body to get rid of it.