Growth Hormones for Improving Sex Life

Great sex is an ingredient of a successful union. To please and satisfy your partner you should have both strength and stamina. However, due to our busy work schedules and commitments we are sometimes left with little energy to initiate intimate moments with our partners.

Can Human Growth Hormone Improve Sex Life?

You may have heard people talk about human growth hormone and it’s potential to increase libido. Maybe you doubted them. Some research work has linked HGH and libido. HGH is considered as the ‘master hormone’ that controls the production of other hormones in the body which are vital for proper body functioning.

When young, HGH levels are high and as we grow old the hormone levels decline. One of the hormones affected by decrease in growth hormone is the testosterone.  The male hormone, testosterone, is highly affected by reduction in growth hormone which, by extension, negatively affects one’s libido.

Experts say that libido, growth hormone and testosterone are closely linked such that an increase in growth hormone leads to increase in testosterone production which enhances libido.

The growth hormone plays a major role in cell regeneration and muscle development. This leads to increased stamina and strength which enhances sexual performance.

HGH Promotes Sexual Wellness and Fights Ageing

 Many hormones including melatonin and DHEA slow some aging effects but clinical studies reveal the fact that HGH goes far beyond all these.

HGH Promotes Sexual Wellness and Fights Ageing
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The proper levels of HGH burns metabolism and reduces the hips, abdomen, waist and thigh sizes. It increases the muscle mass at the same time giving a clear shed of weight, whereas actually it is fat loss.

Antioxidants and other hormone treatments are of great help in maintaining youthful appearance. However, HGH is the only one that can regain thickness of your hair and provide elasticity. Your skin may appear hydrated and you look visibly younger in few weeks.

The deeper wrinkles recede and the fine lines vanish, while the face undergoes a change of contour. There is tonic effect due to HGH and the clinical reports also show 38% new hair growth as thicker and faster in natural color. The nails get strengthened, while the cellulite gets removed.

HGH plays a great role in sex life as well. HGH restores sexuality in men and restores sexual potency. Many women report heightened pleasure, increased libido and greater potency.

HGH also helps in alleviating post-menopausal and menstrual symptoms, thereby eliminating vaginal dryness. HGH provides striking sexual changes in men and women.

Is HGH an Aphrodisiac?

Isn’t the question pretty obvious? It is proven that growth hormone increases energy levels and thus libido. But how exactly does it contribute to the sexual wellness of a person? An increased libido doesn’t always mean good sex life.

HGH an Aphrodisiac

We can review the other effects of HGH, which also have a significant part in one’s sex life. It induces the development of lean muscles. Well, importance of muscles and its movements in the part of lovemaking is pretty critical.

Middle aged couples may become clumsy and lose the rhythm of lovemaking due to the absence of lean muscles and the presence of body fat. HGH decreases fatigue and can put off the sensation of tiredness. This again doesn’t require much explanation. The more miles one can go, the merrier will be the sex.

Sex drive as well as sexual performance is immensely affected by the blood flow. As a person gets older, his/her heart pumps slower and in smaller volume. Sexual organs and other associated muscles heavily depend upon the oxygen delivered by this blood.

With a depleted oxygen flow one’s sexual performance can be affected greatly. HGH keeps the body cells, strong and active, including the heart muscles. This positively affects the pumping actions and volume of blood to the sexual organs.