HGH for Male Specific Issues

Production of the male hormone testosterone is dependent on the human growth hormone. During puberty and age 20s, testosterone production is usually at its peak and rapid growth occurs. As men approach 40 years the production decreases.

Andropause Cure Lies with the Magical Effect of HGH

The treatment of andropause, male menopause, with human growth hormone is gaining popularity. Anti-aging specialists are recommending it to aid their patients overcome hormonal imbalances.

Combining good nutrition and exercises is one way of remaining youthful for longer, but it doesn’t always happen and sometimes we find with time our ‘steam’  in bed decreasing and that’s where HGH comes in handy.

Most men going through andropause almost always have reduced growth hormone in their bodies. Doctors who specialize in male hormone therapy recommend good nutrition, lifestyle changes and fitness combined with hormone therapy.

Men begin to have sexual problems because the hormones producing capacity of their body reduces with time. HGH affects all body cells and regulates the secretion of other hormones including testosterone.

As a man advances in age cholesterol level become elevated, muscle mass decreases and osteoporosis set in. All the above symptoms have a direct link to the human growth hormone. If the decrease in HGH can be managed, then it makes sense to say that HGH therapy is a step towards achieving hormonal balance.

For best results, hormone replacement therapy should be administered by a qualified physician. You don’t have to stay silent and suffer with andropause; human growth hormone may have your solution.

Natural Ways to Boost HGH in Men

Health experts say sex is good for your health. Some liken its benefits to intensive exercising. Sexual wellness is controlled by hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone.

 Sexual wellness is controlled by hormones such as testosterone
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Studies have suggested that there exists a strong link between human growth hormone and testosterone and it is well known testosterone level is vital for a steamy session in bed. However, men sometimes find that they are not ‘potent’ enough and this calls for a need to boost growth hormone levels in the body.

It can be achieved through supplements, injections which are quite expensive or tested natural ways.

High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) is one way of naturally increasing growth hormone level. The aim here is to improve heart performance with the short exercise bursts which boosts growth hormone levels. HIIT also leads to activation of “super-fast muscle fibers” which trigger release of large amounts of testosterone and the growth hormone.

Detoxifying the body cleans up the liver and enhances its performance and increases growth hormone release. Before the growth hormone can be utilized it has to be converted to IGF-1 in the liver.

Sleep enough. Most growth hormone is released when asleep. Studies have showed that the longer the sleep the higher the growth hormone release.

Others include losing weight, strength training and laughter.

Can HGH Injections Restore Testosterone in Old Men?

At age 70 the growth hormone production diminishes even further, at this age muscles start turning to fat and due to the lower levels of testosterone, the sexual desire also decreases which is a blow to confidence. Some old men also lose confidence due to loss of strength.

Testosterone level in in men's body at different age level

Some experts say that there is a link between HGH and testosterone, that HGH therapy can restore testosterone levels in your body, but is it true? Let’s find out.

In one study, men aged between 70 and 80 years were given HGH shots. They noted an increase in energy, muscles and sexual desire. This is how it works. Once HGH I injected into the blood stream it pushes the pituitary glands to produce more natural growth hormone. The hormone, it signals the testicles to start producing testosterone, the hormone responsible for muscle development.

So, does HGH increase testosterone, the answer is yes. In the above case study, growth hormone injection was applied. HGH supplements also exist although they are not as potent as the injections.