HGH for Brain Power and Memory

If a person loses a limb, his/her personality and mentality remain almost the same but if the brain gets injured our identity completely changes, we no longer remain to be who we were. The brain defines who we are.

HGH for neurological health

It is everybody’s desire to have a sharper and more observant brain, but we sometimes find our memory not retaining as much as it used to. Did you know human growth hormone could be the solution?

Want to Revitalize Your Memory; HGH Could Be Your Answer

The growth hormone works at the cellular level, it assists in regeneration of cells and tissues. However, it cannot re-grow nerve cells, scantiest ate yet to find anything that re-grow them.

What the growth hormone does is to increase nerve cell growth factors. If the growth hormone level in the body is at its optimum level, brain improvement occurs. Scientists have so far managed to produce dendritic connections using HGH therapy.

HGH brings about increased amount of the brain’s neurotransmitters. These are the carriers of information in the brain from one brain cell to the next. With increased concentration then there is a likelihood that information flow would be speeded up.

A lot of people have said that their memory became shaper after HGH therapy and felt younger.

HGH for a Sharper, Clearer Thinking Brain 

Until recently, scientists believed that it wasn’t possible to infuse growth hormone into the brain due to the blood/brain barrier. In one clinical study, the growth hormone was infused into the brain and showed that the brain did benefit significantly.

During the study, the researchers injected several patients with HGH, this was followed by a spinal tap and they verified that the hormone did reach the brain. Research has determined that many body organs shrivel with age, and that includes you brain, the decrease is due to a decrease in the amount of growth hormone produced in the body.

It is estimated that a normal human being loses 50,000 to 100,000 brain cells per day and the dendritic connections are also lost.

In another study, a group of rats injected with growth hormone were able to go through a complex maze while a group that received no HGH could not accomplish the task. The above studies point to the possibility that HGH can protect one from multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Researchers have also proven that when a steady amount of growth hormone is given to the brain cells, their death reduces significantly. All these research work point to the potential of the growth hormone to allow one have a sharper brain, think clearer and restore your brain’s HGH levels.

Human Growth Hormone Can Improve Confidence and Thus Enhance Social Life

Numerous researches have been conducted on the effect of HGH on our body. These studies range from possible side effects benefits such as reduce aging, enhance performance in sports and boosting of muscle growth, but did you know that HGH can boost your confidence and feeling of self-worth thus improve your social life?

Human Growth Hormone Can Improve Confidence
Marily Torres at Pexels

In one study patients received HGH shots and they reported that they felt better about themselves after the therapy. They felt more impressive and more self-actualized. Experts say that a benefit of HGH is the boost it gives to our self-esteem and the feeling of assertiveness which eliminates the feel of a passive player in your own life. A combination of these benefits boosts your morale and self-confidence.

Several things can make you feel isolated from your peers. Feeling of powerlessness or being depressed can prevent one from mingling freely with friends. Being obese, too weak or unhappy with how you look may discourage you from being around people. However, HGH relives some of the mental sources of antisocial behavior.

It can improve our physical appearance hence make one feel good about the way they look allowing one to freely mingle with others.

Human Growth Hormone Ensure Fitness

 Human growth hormone is converted rapidly to IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor – 1). This cannot be directly measured easily.  The HGH test is the measurement of IGF-1 levels.  The expected range of IGF-1 is 200 to 300.

HGH may be replaced by injection in very small amounts daily. There are benefits of replacing HGH, but this may be done gradually to get real benefits over period of four to six months.  You can restore growth hormone levels to normal levels in deficient patients. Here the benefits may increase up to 18 months or more once the therapy is initiated.

The initiation of HGH injection results in the increase of the hormone. This is apparent as there is 15% decrease in fat on an average. In fact, there is 8% average increase in lean body and muscle structures. In fact, your skin texture also improves resulting in youthful appearance.

The skin wrinkles are fewer as the HGH levels increase. The bone density increases thereby reversing osteoporosis. Moreover, faster healing of injury, wound and fracture is observed.

Immunity is enhanced greatly and resistance to infection is seen. Above all the brain functions are enhanced and there is improvement in sex drive, fertility, sperm production and ovulation.