Human Growth Hormone for Body Builders

With thousands of steroids available on the market today why would anyone waste time to consider human growth hormone? Isn’t it just another of them? Has it been proven to assist body builders? Well, these are the questions that might be going through your mind when choosing an option to assist you getting those envious bulging muscles.

Human growth hormones in body building and sports

HGH the Bodybuilder’s Solution

To start with, in HGH therapy you aren’t adding ‘foreign’ chemical in your body. HGH is naturally produced in the body by the pituitary glands. The growth hormone aims at increasing the amount already in your body or stimulating the pituitary glands to produce more of it.

The growth hormone works with your body to assist you get maximum benefit out of exercising. It improves sleep patterns, and as science has taught us, much of body repair takes place when we are asleep. Optimum sleep has another advantage, it enables one work out longer without getting too tired therefore you gain from prolonged exercise time.

The growth hormone promotes the synthesis of protein tissues which assist in muscle recovery and repair. It helps builds stronger bones. It’s obvious that with muscles and no strong bones to support them then the muscles would simply be ceremonial.

HGH Can Improve Performance in Splint Events

The desire to win is inborn and is ever present in us. Most will do whatever it takes to win and for a good reason; winning comes with lots of benefits, fame, wealth, social status just to mention a few.

In some sports such as splinting and swimming winning is usually within a short period and therefore require supply of enormous amount of energy within a short period. Some studies have found that HGH does not increase muscle strength but can benefit sportsmen in sprint events.

Growth hormone can lead to increased muscle mass, some studies have suggested. This is achieved by raised insulin-like growth factor which leads to increased synthesis of proteins without side effects. An argument better supported by research is that HGH affects protein synthesis in muscles same way as placebo.

One most feared thing in sports is an injury. Some injuries have the potential to lock one out of an important competition or minimize your performance potential in the game. HGH has is able to build connective tissue in muscles which enables fast repair of injured muscles.

Several studies have also concluded that HGH can reduce body fat and therefore promote lean body mass. Unlike other drugs, HGH is hard to detect in urine but it is banned by many international sports organizations

HGH Promotes Hormonal Balance in Athletes 

 Athletes use HGH to improve their performance in sports. This is the reason that athletes use drugs related to performance from the ancient Greeks time. In fact, some ate animal testicles and used hallucinogens to perform better.

The sports performers used HGH to minimize the anabolic steroids side effects, thereby manipulates testosterone levels to build muscles and to mask the use of steroids. The human growth hormones purpose is to stimulate the natural production of testosterone that disguises the synthetic testosterone presence.

Using steroid for a prolonged period is not safe as it upsets the hormonal balance of athletes and it induces to shut down the body and the testosterone production. It also leads to depressed sperm production and shrunken testicles. HGH can reverse unwanted side effects on producing testosterone.

Athletes use HGH to boost their levels of testosterone, prior to competitions. In this way, one can increase the muscle strength and also help in improving performance. The testosterone levels increase is less in comparison to other methods of doping and lasts for few days only.

The hormonal balance promotion by HGH is of immense use as they have the required energy levels and are able to sustain for long hours.

HGH- Performance Enhancer

Performance is the key attribute of youth. That is why most companies won’t hire people after a certain age. The human growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland is the hormone responsibly for the many optimal metabolic activities through the age of youth.

When the youth is worn out the production of this HGH declines and naturally the performance also declines. This key relation between HGH and performance is the basis of HGH supplements as performance enhancers. The HGH commands metabolizing in the human body and acts differently at different parts of the body to enhance the said performance.

This first part is indeed the brain and there too HGH has multiple effects. Its optimal levels can increase the self perception and hence the confidence of a person. It is believed that confidence can inherently affect the performance of a person. Then, it can provide sharper eyesight enhancing any performance that requires eye vision.

When we get to the bodily performance, it is notable that HGH injections can create a healthier muscle structure with more lean muscle and less fat. This structure enables the body to feel less fatigue and sense of exhaustion. This performance enhancing capability of HGH is utilized in fields like sports, fitness etc.

HGH and The Fitness Clock

The key effects of human growth hormone are realized and deeply rooted by the pharmaceutical industry. HGH supplements are used as anti-ageing mechanisms and performance enhancers.

Since HGH is the way to command metabolizing the body cells, it can have significant effects in another field: fitness/ bodybuilding. Even if both terms are used alternately in the place of other there are clear differences between them. Fitness is associated commonly with health. To attain fitness means to have a healthy body with natural proportions and without unwanted fat.

HGH induces metabolism, which means burning of more fuel. In the other case, bodybuilding is as its name suggests is to develop one’s body to desired proportions and aesthetic beauty.

Human growth hormone can turn back your fitness clock, inducing rapid building of lean muscles and burn fat. And all these with peaking energy levels and increased libido.

To assert the place of HGH supplements in the field of bodybuilding one scientific fact can be used, that without growth hormone an increase in bone density and muscle is impossible.

Also, for fitness, HGH increases the energy level and inhibits the sensation of fatigue. This is a vicious cycle with double effect. The more energy you get, the more fat you burn and vice versa.

Growth Hormone in Sports

The presence and effects of human growth hormone supplements is a very controversial one. While it is proved that increase in HGH levels can increase bodily functions drastically, there aren’t enough studies to prove it surely enhances one’s sporting ability.

It is clear that taking HGH can create some difference, but there is no sure difference. The reason is each sport depends upon many factors such as field conditions, training, talent etc. Yet sportsmen seem to take HGH, let’s discuss the reasons.

The main contribution of HGH, to simplify, is it increases muscle size and slash off fat. For most sports the muscle strength and size matters. HGH consumption can give impulse energies and short bursts of explosive strength.

It also enables exhausted muscles to recover quickly, which in turn allows sportsmen to train more and more often. HGH is not much useful in endurance sports. Another effect of HGH that tempts sportspersons to use this hormone is the resistance to injury. This is because it can build connective tissue within muscles, at least in the short term.

However these all give unfair advantage to those who use HGH. Therefore to make the area of sports a fair play, many countries have banned the use of growth hormone in sports.

Natural Ways to Boost Growth Hormone for Body Building

Having a strong body comes with many benefits. Bulging muscles are an attractive sight, at least to many women. A strong body also gives one confidence to be among people and even walk around bare-chested.

The growth hormone plays a central role in development of muscles and strong bones. HGH injections and pills are available in the market, but maybe you want to do it the ‘natural’ way. Here are a few suggestions on how you can boost HGH levels in your body.

The first way is through is extensive training, this is well-known.  Intense workout, long periods of excising and energy consuming events require protein synthesis and fat metallization when glycogen gets depleted. The catabolic states force the body to produce more growth hormone. This is arguably the best way to increase growth hormone production.

The second way is to have adequate rest. Three-quarters of growth hormone is produced when resting. This growth hormone is not as effective as the amount produced during workouts since it is produced as the need for energy repletion and not the need for extra energy. However, this amount is necessary to enable efficient use other GH.  At least 8 hours of sleep every a day is the sacrifice to make if you are in a hurry to get big. Finally is nutrition but maybe we will look at this option next time.