The ‘Fountain of Youth’ That Is HGH

Human growth hormone has become a multimillion industry. Some doctors and marketers have termed it as the fountain of youth; others claim that evidence so far gathered is inadequate to support the use of growth hormone therapy. Is HGH really the ‘fountain of youth’? Let’s look at the pros and the cons.

Human growth hormone is the fountain of youth

In the body it is produced by the pituitary glands. It promotes rapid growth in kids and adolescents. As one becomes older, the HGH levels decrease and signs of aging start to appear. The decrease is directly linked to appearance of aging signs such as appearance of wrinkles and muscle loss.

Proponents of HGH therapy argue that since appearance of old age signs are directly related to decrease in growth hormone levels, if we find a way of increasing the hormone in the body we can at least delay aging.

Two methods exist of increasing the HGH in the body. One is through injections which are quite expensive and the other method is nasal sprays or pills.

Many people have come out to give their testimonies of the benefits they got after going through HGH therapy. Some of the well-known celebrities have given credit to the growth hormone for their young-looking, glowing skins. However, HGH is not yet approved by FDA.

Human Growth Hormone Influencing Overall Wellness 

Growth hormone is an endocrine hormone including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and melatonin. This starts declining with age. Some hormones get replaced and some of the common effects include aging.

HGH reaches beyond these hormones and causes slow biological aging. The hormone levels growth show changes between ages 20 to 70 and mostly falls by nearly 75%. Growth hormone deficiency decreases skin thickness, reduces bone density, a sense of well-being, wound healing becomes slow, aerobic capacity is reduced and the immune responsiveness is less.

This reduction can be significantly reversed with HGH replacement. Once the deficiency is reversed, the hormone produced by the pituitary gland shows growth boost. Virtually, by age 30 there is deficiency in human growth hormone and this deficiency can be cure by taking injections of HGH. It reduces the aging on taking for 6 months and there is a sense of well-being felt.

The growth hormone injections taken have developed a growth hormone program claiming it to be effective. The patients experience increased bone density, lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, high energy levels, memory increase and better quality of life overall from the human growth hormone injections. This may be continued until a person attains complete benefits.

HGH The Fountain of Youth

Numerous studies and real-life testimonies have shown that the growth hormone can have dramatic effects on the user.  Through the HGH therapy one can regain her youthful vitality, improve immune function, bettering memory and lower blood pressure.

Some medicine journals have even quoted it as ‘the fountain of youth’. In one study, some 12 men between the ages 61 and 81 with fat-bulging bodies were tuned into sleeker and younger selves. After six months of therapy the men gain about 8.8 percent in lean body mass, they lost an average of 15 percent fat mass. It was also observed that the men’s skins gained 1.7 percent thickness.

It’s now becoming clear that the decrease of HGH hormone with age can be reversed. Even when the hormone receptors become less responsive to the growth hormone, the problem can be solved by administering growth-hormone releasers.

Recent research shows that what causes the decrease in HGH is neither permanent nor irreparable. In one study it was demonstrated that the decline of HGH secretion with age is reversible. In a study involving old rats it was observed that a decrease in their caloric intake led to an increase in growth hormone secretion. Major drug companies are currently funding research in this field and soon more amazing facts about growth hormone may be revealed.

HGH: Youth Forever

The Human Growth Hormone, which is naturally produced by the pituitary gland is often called as the fountain of youth by celebrities. The reason is the attribute of personality that they and many others call, charisma that claimed to be increased with the consumption of HGH supplements.

If we objectify that attribute, charisma is the flow of energy that the young people often have. This indeed is a career saving magic for most of the celebrities. The word celebrity is taken here in a very general form. Any performance art, simply art or even a manual labor that one finds passion in can be rejuvenated if the HGH level in the blood is increased.

If we look from the other way, it is because of the active production of HGH and other hormones in a young body make it young. While other hormones are involved in the sexual and bodily functions, the HGH is involved in the growth as the name suggests. When men/women pass puberty and reach the youth, they (at least some) seem to have picked up a charisma leaving their kid-ish attributes. In terms of biology this is the work of HGH. What celebrities try to get is this youth through HGH supplements and they are victorious in many sense.

The Assertive Hand

In the year 1999, the National Institute on aging in the United States released results of a study conducted on human growth hormone replacement therapy led by Dr. Hertoghe. This study is considered as the trump card of the HGH supplements manufactures. The coverage of the study and the results are beyond the scope but part of assertiveness is explained here.

To explain in a layman view of human personality, the assertiveness is the confidence of a person in his/her doings and words. The more confidence a person has on a material, the more assertive he will be on its matter. Dr. Hertoghe’s study showed an increase in assertiveness of around 75% in the vast majority of subjects of HGH replacement therapy. They claimed on record that HGH injection gave them more confidence.

The study concluded that this increase in confidence is due to the action of HGH in two ways. One is that the increased HGH levels in blood make them more self-aware and improve their self-perception. The other way around is that HGH injections decreased the feelings like stress and anxiety in the subjects. Both ways naturally make a person more confident to act on their intuition. Also, HGH improve the body metabolism and hence the body feels less fatigue and exhaustion.

Young vs. the Old

Let’s discuss the effects of human growth hormone on the appearance of a person. It is easy to micro summarize those effects in one line. As the title suggests, almost all characteristics to identify the old age of person is due to the decline of production of HGH in the body. That is optimal production vs. declined production is exactly what’s young vs. the old.

If we go into the details, the quality of skin will be the first one to be eyed. Human growth hormone commands the cell metabolizing, and therefore naturally it commands nourishing of the face and body skin. The HGH replacement therapy often can witness reduced wrinkles and better healthy skin in the subject.

Next detail is the energy level of the young/old people. It is a cemented knowledge that, HGH can significantly increases the energy levels. There are many HGH supplements available for this purpose. The main consumers of these products are performance artists and celebrities, who naturally require non-declining energy levels to keep their career steady.

Other parts are minor yet significant details. HGH assures quality of sleep, which in turn can affect the nature of face and eyes. Then it also provides sharper eyesight and so on.

HCG: Anti-ageing Elixir

The researches in the pharmaceutical industry show that with HGH they are at the brim of having a very explosive industry. It is the anti-ageing medication / therapy industry. Some of the industry analysts pointed out that the potential of anti-aging medication would be 8-10 folds of that of Viagra. Even if the medication or its course hasn’t generalized yet, many of the Hollywood celebrities had administered some anti-ageing medication based on HGH.

To see how exactly HGH can reverse the ageing process, we may have to review how ageing works. In the middle age, the level of HGH starts to decline and we starts to lose muscle strength, then vision and hearing capability. This is because of the absence of amble commanding force of metabolizing.

If HGH supplements or shots are taken, the metabolism rate of cells starts to reset, and the body rejuvenates itself. One part of the weakness in old age is because of a weak heart. But when the HGH levels in the blood is spiked again artificially, heart muscles also starts to revive and slowly go back to its pump volume and power in its youth.

This is actually a vicious circle. The high volume of blood pumped, transports more HGH to other parts of the body. Thus more cells are rejuvenated.